2018 Quality of Life Reports and Snapshots


Background: Purpose of Quality of Life Survey #1 (2013) and #2 (2017)

The Quality of Life Survey created by Grasslands Regional FCSS:

• To provide a blended objective and subjective analysis of the political/social/economic sectors with a more in-depth analysis of the social well-being for communities throughout the Newell Region.
• Useful for all sectors including government/municipal governments.
• Gather feedback specific to our area in the three sectors: Social, Public and Business.

Value of the Research to:

• Paint a picture of the Quality Of Life using residents’ feedback throughout our region.
• Guide Decision-Making in all sectors.
• Promote communities and region as a whole.
• Increase understanding of our communities across the three sectors.
• Provide information/rationale for funding proposals.
• Provide background to other researchers for their Secondary Research.
• Guide decision-making – we use it to determine if we need to dig into something a bit deeper. Transportation Research and Child Care Research FCSS conducted after 2013 findings are good examples of that.
• To promote our area.

For a copy of the Quality of Life Full Reports and Snapshots for communities within the Newell Region see downloadable files on the main Grasslands Regional FCSS webpage.